Extras from Law 186/2013

Legal facilities

The ‘Industrial park’ title give the administrator and the residents  of the park the following facilities:
a)      Deduction of  taxes  percept for destination change or for the removal of the industrial park area  from the agrarian circuit
b)      Tax deduction for the land  coincident with the industrial park area, according to the provisions of art.257 letter l) from 57/2003 law concerning Fiscal Code, with all ulterior modifications and additions
c)       Tax deduction for buildings pertaining to industrial park infrastructure, according to art.250, line (1) p 9 from 571/2003 law, with all ulterior modifications and additions
d)      Deductions, only with the public local authority agreement, of any taxes due to the local budget of administrative-territorial organizations for urban planning certificate issuances, building permits for the land and the buildings belonging to the industrial park area\
e)      Any other facilities which can be awarded, according to law, by the local public authority


Article 257

The land tax is not due to:
a) The land for the building, the land area is covered by building
i) land by natural or not by Destination unsuitable for agriculture or forestry, any land occupied by ponds, lakes, reservoirs or waterways used for the flood protection activities, water management, hydrometeorology, those contribute to the exploitation of water resources, the use as protective zones defined in the law, and land used for mining in the basement, surrounded as by a judgment of the local council, to the extent that does not affect the use of the soil surface
l) land industrial parks, scientific and technological parks

Art. 250, para. (1) pt. 9, Law 257/2009
9. Buildings in industrial parks, scientific and technological parks.